How old does my child have to be to start the program?

We encourage students to wait until they are three years old and ask that students be fully potty-trained before starting lessons.

What is the tuition cost?

For the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 school year, tuition is as follows:

15-minute lesson: $674

30-minute lesson: $1,242

45-minute lesson: $1,810

60-minute lesson: $2,387

25% of the tuition is due at the time of registration. The remainder of the tuition is paid in 6 monthly installments.

What does my tuition include?

Tuition includes 16 private lessons per semester, all group classes, recitals, and concerts. Tuition does not include an instrument or music books.

How long should our private lesson be?

On the registration form you will see that lessons are offered for 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 45-minutes, and 60-minutes. We suggest that new students start with a 30-minute lesson. 15-minute lessons are for students who have a sibling in the program.

When are private lessons?

Private lessons are scheduled individually with the teacher and student. Students should have 16 private lessons per semester.

Should parents sit-in on lessons?

Absolutely! We expect parents to participate in lessons and act as the student’s at-home teacher and coach. Parents should be engaged in lessons and taking notes for practice.

How often should we practice?

Students should practice every day that they eat. Seriously, it takes daily practice to learn an instrument. Beginners can start with as little as 5-10 minute practice sessions, but they should be daily. Students should also listen to the Suzuki CD daily. Without this type of consistent practice, learning the violin will be very frustrating.

When are group classes?

Group classes are offered throughout the week. Please see the group class page for more details. In order to perform in the concerts, you must attend group classes.

When are recitals and concerts?

We encourage all of our students to practice performing as often as possible (for family, friends, neighbors, etc.). We offer formal recital opportunities for all of our students throughout the semester. Because of the size of the Suzuki program, we can only allow students to play in one solo recital per semester. Solo recitals are typically offered on weekends.

We have one group holiday concert in early December and have at least one group concert offered at the end of the spring semester. Repertoire for these concerts is rehearsed during group class. In order to play in group concerts, students must attend group classes.

Can private lessons be made-up?

Private lessons can be made-up only if they are cancelled by the teacher or because of inclement weather. Lessons cancelled by students due to illness, family vacations, etc. cannot be made-up. Please don’t put your teacher in an awkward position and ask for an exception to this policy.

Do we need to buy a violin?

You may either purchase or rent a violin, but we do request that you wait until you speak with your private teacher about this.

What can we do to prepare for lessons?

Purchase and listen to the Suzuki violin volume 1 CD as much as possible.


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