Concerts and Recitals

Dates Fall 2017-Spring 2018


September 16 Play-In/kick off event in Jones 4pm


Saturday, October 28 YPC concert with NC Symphony play at 3:15-3:30 (20 students, by audition only)


Saturday November 4 3:30 Solo recital in Chapel


Sunday November 19th 2pm & 4Pm Solo Recitals in Chapel


December 10 5pm group concert in Carswell


January 27 7:15-7:45 Ovations NC Symphony Pre-Concert (20 performers, audition only)


January 27: State Play-In (Charlotte, NC)


Sunday March 11 2pm and 4pm solo recitals in Chapel


Saturday April 21 3:30 pm solo recital in Chapel


Friday, May 11 6:30pm CSOM end of year concert in Carswell


Sunday May 13th 5pm Group Concert in Carswell



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