Parent Handbook

Meredith College Suzuki Strings Handbook


Suzuki Philosophy

            We believe that every child can learn to play an instrument, but a solid practice routine and parental involvement is critical.


Daily Practice:

            Students are expected to practice every day. The best results will occur if your child plays every single day.


Group Classes

            Students will be assigned to one group class per week based on their playing level and age. There will be 8-10 group classes per semester. The student must remain in the same group class all semester unless discussed with their teacher. Group classes will be a time for your child to work with a teacher and peers on technique, ensemble, and performance. Parental attendance is required for students under the age of 8.


Private Lessons

            Students will meet privately with a teacher once a week. We recommend registering for the following lesson lengths based on levels:


Pre-twinkle (with sibling): 15-minute lesson

Pre-twinkle-book 2: 30-minute lesson

Book 3/4: 45-minute lesson

Book 5+: 60-minute lesson


Parent Education

            Throughout the semester we will offer parent education classes. Topics include how to practice, Suzuki philosophy, violin care and tuning, etc.



We offer solo recitals throughout the semester. Students are eligible to play at a solo recital when their teacher feels they are prepared. Students are required to perform their solo piece for their group class twice before performing at a solo recital. Repertoire selected should not be their most recent piece but a piece that they have mastered.



            Students are expected to review all of their repertoire at home and have it memorized for group classes, concerts, and play-ins.



            Listening to the Suzuki cd’s is critical to learning the repertoire. We recommend listening every single day and as much as possible.



            Twice a semester we will get together to have a large full-program group class. Play-ins are a fun way for students to see and hear more advanced repertoire as well as play in an ensemble.


Group Concerts

            Each semester we will have a group concert scheduled. Concerts will be held at community events or at Meredith College. Students are expected to have the concert repertoire memorized.



            If your child is misbehaving in a private lesson or group class, please pull your child aside and ask them to change their behavior. If a teacher feels that a child is disrupting the class, you will be asked to leave early.